WHAT are the Dangers of the Pit?


  • Make sure you are familiar with the dangers mentioned in the video. How would you describe each one? What is a specific example of how each one shows itself in a person’s life? Why is each one tempting?
    • Our sinful nature (flesh)
    • The world (walking by sight vs. faith)
    • False worldview (specifically, denying absolutes)
    • False Wordview (relating to God by works vs. Grace)
    • Discouragement
  • It is possible that someone we know could be in danger in one (or more) of these ways, and we not be aware of it? What needs to happen… be present for us to be more aware of these dangers in the lives of people we know?


>> What is something(s) I can do specifically to be more aware of potential spiritual dangers in the life at least one specific person?