Action Steps…

  • When it comes to reading the Bible, rate yourself on each step from 1-10:
    • Observation (having a consistent bible reading time)
    • Reflection (dwelling on the passage to get the lesson)
    • Application (making personal action steps to live out the lesson)
  • Reading the Bible this way is a skill, and like any skill, it takes practice. A great book to practice on is the Gospel of Mark.
    • Begin reading through Mark. In the NIV and ESV translations, the section headings do a pretty good job of marking stopping points. You will probably want to combine sections for a complete lesson. There is no rule for how many. Figuring that out is part of the skill.
    • If you would rather start with a letter instead of a gospel, I would suggest Philippians.
  • After you finish the book, rate yourself again on how well do on each Bible study step.
    • Then – Repeat the process with another book…

I have a template to help guide and organize the Observe-Reflect-Apply process.

Observe – Reflect – Apply template

If you would like to learn about my in-depth training of the Observe-Reflect-Apply approach…

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