• Genesis 3:15 serves as a ‘lens’ for viewing everything following it in the Old Testament and beyond.
    • How did using it as a lens change your understanding of the events I mentioned (e.g., The Flood; 400 years of slavery in Egypt)?
    • Are there other events and/or passages that Genesis 3:15 helps you understand better? Which ones and how?
  • Genesis 3:15 and John 3:16 show us God will do “whatever it takes.”
    • How has he done “whatever it takes” to offer forgiveness and assurance of eternal life?
    • How does God do “whatever it takes” to help us grow and transform?
    • God does “whatever it takes” – What do we need to do in each instance?

>> Let the idea of God doing “whatever it takes” to restore a relationship with you sink in… How does that make you feel… impact your view of God… affect your relationship with God?