What Does Jesus Say “eternal life” is?

What are your thoughts about what Jesus has to say about “eternal life”? Leave a comment below…

Actions Steps…

  • What have you typically thought of when you heard or read, “God’s glory” or “Jesus’ glory”? How does the idea of glory being ‘reputation’ (What someone has done; What their character is) change your idea of “glory”?
    • How did Jesus’ Death & Resurrection bring glory to Jesus? … to God the Father?
  • What have you typically thought of when your heard or read, “eternal life”? How does Jesus’ description of eternal life being “that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent,” change your idea of “eternal life”?
    • What does it mean in this sense to “know” God? I.e., what does it include… ‘look like’?
    • What things/experiences have helped you come to know God more and better?

>>> In light of things that have helped you know God better, what is one specific way you can actively pursue that happening?