Am I Always Forgiven as a Christian – or Not?

This one might raise some questions. I hope you post them or comments in the ‘Comments’ box below.

Action Steps…

  • “Forgive us out debts” can raise questions about our standing before God after we sin, but other passages like Romans 8:1 make it clear that a Christian is always forgiven.
    • What is it important for us to know and believe this? What effect does it have on our spiritual life if we think we are constantly Saved – Lost – Saved – Lost? What effect does it have on our role of bringing glory to God? … on being a witness to unbelievers?
  • The point of Jesus’ words is to acknowledge and remember that our standing before God is because of God’s continued forgiveness.
    • Why is that important? What effect does it have on our spiritual life?
  • Why is it so important that we as Christians forgive people who have offended us?

>>> God wants me to have assurance (based on his Grace) that I am totally forgiven… saved? What is my level of assurance? Does it vary? Should it?


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