A Model, Not a Mantra

Do you have ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ memorized? (Be honest!) If so, which version? Let me know that and any other comments below.


Action Steps…

  • Do you have a ‘model’ or pattern you follow when you spend focused time praying? (Not something your recite, but basic elements you include and/or order you follow.) Why or Why not?
    • There is nothing inherently wrong with not having a ‘pattern,’ but Jesus obviously saw the benefit of giving us a model. Why do you think that is?
  • Why is it important to begin our prayer…
    • Focused on God?
    • Focused specifically on the traits “Father in heaven” bring to mind?

>>> If you are not in the habit of starting your prayer time focused on God, try that the next several times and see what impact it has on your prayer life.


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