Looking Intently

  • How to ‘Look Intently’ at the Bible – Video Training

A thorough explanation and example of the Observe-Reflect-Apply bible study approach

How to ‘Look Intently’ at the Bible


  • How to ‘Look Intently’ at the Bible – Live Seminar

Information about scheduling a live class in person or via webinar

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  • Observe – Reflect – Apply template & questions sheet

A printable guide for applying the “How to ‘Look Intently’ at the Bible” approach to your own bible study

Observe – Reflect – Apply template


  • Getting to the Point of a Passage

A ‘short cut’ version of the Observe – Reflect – Apply approach

Getting to the Point of a Passage


Bible Study

  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Kindle book)

A perspective that focuses on how a first-century Jew would have understood the promise and fulfillment of this event

Get the book Here


Preaching & Teaching

  • My Sermon Prep

A template of questions and prompts I have compiled to help with sermon and lesson preparation

My Sermon Prep Questions



  • Note-taking Template

A general handout for taking notes during a sermon

Sermon Thoughts Handout


  • Videos of Steve’s Sermons

My YouTube channel has videos of sermons going back the past few years. Most are part of an in-depth series covering a specific book. The links below take you to the first video in that series.






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