God’s Prescription for When We are Downcast

What things help you when difficult situations get you down? Comment below




My soul is cast down within me;
therefore I remember you.

  • How does remember what God has done in the past help us when we are facing difficult times now?
  • What things help us remember what God has done…
    • For others (in the Bible and since)?
    • For us?



Send out your light and your truth;
let them lead me.

  • What does it mean that God’s Word is “light” for us, specifically when we are downcast?
  • For God’s “light” and “truth” to help us, we need to commit to letting “them lead [us]? – What does that ‘look like’?
  • God’s Word is certainly the primary source of “light” and “truth.” How are the Situations we experience and the Relationships we have with other Christians also sources of ‘light and truth’?


>> Look back and think of 2-3 times when God has worked in your life that can be sources of strength and encouragement the next time you face difficulties. Think of all the details… what was going on, how you felt and what God did. Ideally, write this down somewhere.