Without ‘one another’ – we are something other (than God intends)

How important do you think it is for Christians to spend time with “one another”? Let me know below…



  • Becoming a Christian is an individual decision, that makes us a member of a the body of Christ as a whole. In the same way, living the Christian life is something I do personally, but always as a member of the Christ’s body.
    • How do both aspects (personal & body) interact with and affect one another?
  • There are 59 passages in the New Testament that give Christians instructions for interacting with “one another.” I mentioned two. Do a search (e.g., with a Bible site like BibleGateway.com ) for other “one another” passages. (Other translations might use different wording)
    • What other things are believers to do to and for “one another”?
    • How widespread or lacking are these “one another” actions?
  • The two “one another” commands I focused on were…
    • “Encourage one another” – What are some specific ways we do this for each other? Why is it so important?
    • “Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another” – What benefit does this have in our spiritual lives? Why is an environment of Grace necessary, and what does that look like?

>> Commit to and make a specific plan to either encourage another believer or confess to another believer. (If you’re really up for a challenge – Do both!)