That STILL Doesn’t Sound Like ‘Waiting Patiently’

What do you think about this idea of ‘Waiting on God’? Let me know below…


Psalm 40:1 literally says: ‘Waiting I waited on the Lord. Waiting on God involves…

Absolute Dependence

  • What does it mean to be absolutely dependent on God?
    • How do we balance it with our need to still be responsible?
  • What helps us trust God in this way… to this extent?


Confident Expectation

  • What is our basis/reason for being confidently expectant that God will act in our lives?
    • How do we balance this with being surrendered to God?


David also says “make haste to help me!” and “do not delay, O my God!”

  • Do you agree these verses indicate a moment of nervousness, even doubt on David’s part?
  • How do we reconcile moments of doubt with a life of faith?
  • Given the presence of some doubt at times, along with our Faith – What does it mean to ‘act out of faith vs. doubt’? … How do we do this?


>> Waiting on God is a trait we all should possess and demonstrate – What is a specific thing I can do to develop it in my life?