That Doesn’t Sound Like ‘Waiting Patiently’

What helps you be patient? Let me know below…


‘Patience’ comes into play when we have to wait longer than we want or expect—

  • When was the last time you were faced with the choice to be patient or not?
    • How did you do?
    • What helped, or made it harder to be patient?


  • What makes it hard at times to ‘wait patiently’ on God? … What helps?


  • By definition, we never want to wait longer than we want to wait.
    • Why is it ok to express our desire to God for him to act quickly?
    • How can we do that and still ‘wait patiently’?


>>  It always helps to be prepared in advance – What can I do to prepare in advance to be patient (in general situations and with God) the next time I am faced with that choice?