How do you get the POINT of a passage?

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OK, be honest

How many times have you been in a
conversation with someone and after
a while, you start to wonder –

… Why are you saying this?” Maybe you ask them; maybe you don’t.
Depending on how well you know them,
or how much you want to keep knowing them!



I bring this up because


when he talks to us, in His Word.


Whatever the passage is, there’s a reason for it.
There’s a reason God inspired it. He has a


A message, a lesson that he wants us to get, so that it can
impact our lives. So that we can be transformed into the
image of Christ, and experience this relationship with Him
to the fullest.

How confident are you that you always get God’s point in a passage? Or, that you get all of God’s point in a passage? If that’s what God’s intention is, if it’s how he helps us be transformed, it’s how our mind is renewed to be transformed –

It’s E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L that we get the point.


Here at

I believe effective Bible study consists of three steps.


The first is simply to Observe what happened, or what was said. This is just when we read a passage.

But then the second step is key. And I say that because it’s not just overlooked today, in many ways, it’s unknown. It’s a lost skill. That’s to REFLECT on those Observation-level details – What happened or what was said – to get the underlying theme. To get the point, the message, the lesson. That’s the thing we need to learn.

Then, we Apply that lesson. That’s where the Power comes. But we Apply that underlying lesson, not just some Observation-level details.

I’ve put together an extensive training.
I call it, How to ‘Look Intently’ at the Bible.
It’s five hours’ worth of this approach.
Explaining it and then doing two examples.

Well, I have to CONFESS… I don’t always use that long
version that I show. That template that I use in that training.
I’ve developed a streamlined approach, where I take those
skills, those questions, those things to always look for, and
I do them in a way that does go quicker than that.

I’ve put together a training on that streamlined approach and I want to share it with you.

I call it

I simply use an online Bible program, I use a Word document, I cut and paste. And then I begin to distill things down, so I can get that Point, that Message, that Lesson. Then I can Apply it to my life. And as I preach it or teach it, I can help others do the same thing.


As I say, I’ve put together this new training.
It’s shorter than the other by far. It’s more
streamlined, so I’m charging…



I want everyone to have it. I never want money to stand in the way. That also will include a discount code for the extended training, if you choose to dig a little deeper.


It is true that missing God’s Point in a passage means missing God’s Power. There is something he wants us to get in that passage – about Him, about Jesus, about who they are, what they’ve done, what they want to do in our lives. So, to read a passage and miss the point, we’re missing out on the transformative power of the Word.


I encourage you SO strongly – Get this training. Learn it. Put it into practice – and it does take practice. But I guarantee you, you will see the Point and the Impact it makes in your life, when you apply that lesson that God wants you to apply.


You’ll experience the transformation.

You’ll experience this relationship that it’s all about

– it’s always been about –

to the FULLEST.

* * * * * * *

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