The Necessary Foundation of Truth

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Jim talks about the two opposing worldviews: Naturalism & Christianity. One key distinction between the two is their view of Absolute Truth (truth that corresponds to objective reality, vs. subjective perception). Naturalism denies Absolute truth.

  • What examples do you see in our culture of the denial of absolute truth? What effects do you see from those denials?


Naturalism (the belief that the only thing that exists is the material world) leads to 3 Myths:

1) Man is naturally good

2) We can fix our own problems

3) The individual is supreme

  • Jim lists examples of each. What examples have you seen? What results of these myths have you seen?
  • How can biblical truth address each of these myths? (i.e., What general principles and specific passages apply to each myth?)


The message of the Church is the only message that tells us truly—

1) How we got here

2) What’s gone wrong with our world

3) How our world can be fixed

>>> These three encompass the basic message of the Bible. How comfortable are you in your understanding of what the Bible has to say about each point and your ability to convey it to someone?

–What is one specific thing you can do to become more confident and comfortable in sharing the basic truths of the Bible?


Jim Book

Jim is presently the senior minister of Kissimmee Christian Church. He has been married to his wife Jeanette for 26 years. They have three daughters. He is presently a trustee at Johnson University. He also writes for the Restoration Herald magazine.

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