THEY Had Hard Hearts?!?

THEY Had ‘Hard Hearts’?!? – AUDIO Download

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The Problem with Following Our Heart



  • Do you agree a Christian should assume he/she has a hard heart to some degree? Why or Why not?


  • Christians will never be perfect in this life, so we should always be growing. A hard heart (to whatever degree) interferes with our spiritual growth. So, one indication of a hard heart is a lack of growth. In light of that…
    • What is something that has changed spiritually in your life over the last months? I.e., something you do differently?… something you do that you were not?… something you have stopped doing?


>> When is the last time (as a result of reading the Bible or hearing a sermon/lesson) you thought, ‘I need to change in light of this Bible passage?’ What did you do about it? Is there some specific way to respond differently the next time this happens that will lead to more spiritual growth?