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  • Most Christians realize (to some degree) that we are forgiven by Grace – why is it so many Christians think we grow and mature through our own efforts?
    • What effect does that misunderstanding have on our growth? (i.e., Our effectiveness at growing? Our attitude about growing? … about God?)


  • Explain in your own words, how Grace applies to a person becoming a Christian and having their sins forgiven?
    • Explain how Grace applies to a person growing and maturing as a Christian?
    • What are the similarities?


  • What does it mean to ‘fill up with Jesus’? How do we do that?
    • How does it help ‘displace’ sin in our lives?


>> Think of a sin you struggle with – What has been your approach to trying to overcome it? Has your approach relied on your own efforts or Grace? What needs to changes specifically to rely on Grace and ‘filling up with Christ’?