Not All Dirt is the Same

We face many obstacles to living our Christian lives – Which one stood out most to you? Let me know below.

Action Steps…

Three Obstacles to ‘Listening’…

First – Lack of Openness

  • No one wants to admit they aren’t open (minded). We either think we are or justify not being.
    • How do we know or find out if we are truly open or not?
    • What is Self-examination – and how do we do it effectively… truly?

Second – Lack of Depth

  • Why is a quick decision prone to not being followed through on?
  • What challenges/attacks do we need to consider when—
    • Becoming a Christian?
    • Making a new ‘growth-commitment’ as a Christian

Third – Lack of Focus

  • How do you guard your Christian commitment from…
    • Other time (‘life’) demands?
    • The temptation to trust in “riches” (sight) vs. faith?
    • The distraction of “things” (not necessarily bad things, but that displace Jesus)?

>> Which potential obstacle do I struggle with most? What is a specific step(s) that I can take to help with that struggle?