A Parable Primer

Which one do you struggle with more – Openness or Commitment? Let me know in the Comments section

ACTION STEPS…          (For Small Groups – Be sure and ask for personal examples!)

We’ve all experienced situation where physical ‘hearing’ was taking place, but not ‘listening.’ The Parable of the Sower shows us true hearing/listening requires 2 things—

  • Openness
    • Have you had a time when you were not open at all, and later regretted that?
    • What are reasons we aren’t even open to hearing what someone has to say?
    • How can those same reason keep us from being open to what God has to say to use in His Word?
  • Commitment
    • We’ve all made decisions/plan that we did not follow through on. What are some of your examples?
    • What are factors that contributed to not following through?
    • Think of times you have followed through – What was different… What helped?

>> What is one tangible thing I can do to make sure I am Open and Committed to God’s Word?