God is Talking to ME Too? – AUDIO Download


  • No one wants to admit we are closed to learning and growing, but what are some ways we might become like hard soil that is not open to new truth?
    • How do we maintain a sense of being open, but still fall prey to these things that prevent us from being open?
    • How do we guard against this happening? (The key is Humility – but what does that ‘look like’?)
  • What is the danger if we become ‘hardened’ to learning and growing? What will we miss out on when it comes to our relationship with God? What will it do to our witness?


  • What is it about God’s Word that means we can always learn and grow from a passage, no matter how long we have been a Christian or how many times we have read a passage?


>> Do any times come to mind when I have reacted to a sermon, lesson or passage in a way that kept me from learning and growing? What specifically can I do to avoid that happening again?