God Expects “without ANY doubt”???

What was the most ‘surprising’ thing from this blog series on James? Let me know in the
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Actions Steps…

  • How would I describe my FAITH: (Rank each on a scale of 1-10)

Belief: I believe there is a God, Jesus is his Son and died for sins… That God is in Control and Loves me

Trust: I am committed and surrender to God and his will … I rely on God for my Salvation (vs. on my works) and for my Provision (vs. on my efforts and resources)

  • What is the difference between the “unbelief” of the Father in Mark 9 and the “doubt” in James 1?  Why is God okay with “I believe; help my unbelief,” but not the “doubt” described in James?


  • The next time you pray to God for guidance and/or provision, ask yourself not, ‘How much do I believe God can provide an answer?’ but instead, ‘How surrendered am I to whatever answer God provides?’

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