Does God Expect the Impossible? – 1 of 3

Am I Really Supposed to ‘Enjoy’ Trials?

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Action Steps…

  • What was your reaction the first time you read/heard, “Consider it pure joy… whenever you face trials of many kinds”?
    • How do you view this verse now?
    • Would God ever ask or expect us to do something that is impossible? If not, what does that mean we need to do when what a bible passage asks of us seems impossible?
  • Determining to face trials with an attitude of Joy is possible – but still not easy. That is the reason James’ ‘How’ in verse 3 is so important.
    • Think of a trial you have faced or are facing – In what specific way was your “faith” in God tested?
    • What impact did the experience have on your faith? How was that impact connected to how you faced the trial (with joy, or not)?
  • What is one specific thing you will do to deeper engrain the truth of these verses and prepare you for facing trials with an attitude of joy?
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