DIY Speakers

My first set of DIY were the mains and center channel – designed by Rick Craig of Selah Audio. Initially my sub was an infinite baffle in the attic, using 2 15″ drivers. When we moved, I needed something in-room. Rick designed these two subs using 12″ TC Sounds drivers.


I sold the mains and center channel when I moved from AZ to IN. I was ready for a different driver technology. While I was researching, I used a pair of Audio Engine A2’s. Great for what they are, but they need some bass. So, another sub designed by Selah Audio – and custom-painted by my daughter. (Can you tell she misses AZ?)


I heard a lot about open baffles speakers, having a very spacious, open sound. Since they are so easy to build (even for me!) I gave them a try. You wouldn’t believe how good these “Betsy’s” sound. Really nice, but… something was missing.


Based on my headphone listening (through ZMF headphones – Zach makes awesome stuff!), I discovered the most important musical trait for me is dynamics. I want drivers that can recreate the dynamic levels of live sound.

The drivers that do that best are pro sound drivers. Some can have real sound issues, but not all. I got A LOT of help and input from people. So much so, the speakers are named ‘JaWZ’ after the three guys who helped. … They’re not done yet, but the temporary crossover works for now. They need some bass reinforcement, so I’m building a matching set of subs, designed by who else – Rick Craig. These sound just like I want. I could see myself keeping these… or, I could see them moving into my home theater if I can find a decent DIY design where the mid ranges fire into the horn from all sides, matching the tweeter and making the speaker a point source. (There’s a name for that kind of design, but I can’t remember it! 😉 )