Where God Guides, He Provides

Where God Guides, He Provides – AUDIO Download


  • “Where God guides, he provides” – What do you think about that statement? Are there times you have seen it proved true in your life? If so, how has that helped you in other situations?


  • Were there times when you wondered about (even doubted) God’s provision? What part, if any, did the fact that God’s provision will be What, How & When he chooses (vs. what we want) play in things?


  • How do the truths that ‘God is in Control’ and ‘God loves us’ provide the foundation for trusting “Where God guides, he provides”?


>> Think of a situation you are in right now where you need God’s provision? Do you trust him to provide (in his way)? How can you encourage that trust to be stronger? (Key: The Growth Triangle)