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3 Free Online Bible Study Resources

Growth Geometry Diagrams

Looking for a Bible resource that goes deeper than a ‘verse of the day’?

Each week, Looking Intently publishes 3 brief and understandable videos
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Why “Looking Intently”?

Christians know it is important to read the bible, but there’s more to it than that. The book of James tells us HOW we need to read it. We have to ‘bend over’. Well, not exactly, but here is what James does say…

Video Training

Reading the Bible is great. Applying what you read is essential. But, there is a crucial middle step that is often overlooked. It is what allows us to truly see the lesson God intends from a passage. This video training helps you learn this critical step.

LIVE Seminar

Want to do the “How to ‘Look Intently’ at the Bible” training at your church? Being able to interact in a class setting makes it even more effective. Contact me to schedule a 3-hour seminar either in person or via webinar.